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Can You Feel the IUD During Sex?

It’s a question that has come up many times in my conversations, from chats with friends thinking about getting an IUD to fellow IUD users who’ve been able to feel it while getting it on. Ever since I got my ParaGard three years ago, I’ve been curious, too. The best part about having an IUD is being able to have sex whenever you want without having to worry about pregnancy. (Sexually transmitted infections, a.k.a. STIs, are another story—make sure you use condoms and get tested to prevent them.) While you shouldn’t expect to feel the IUD while you’re getting busy, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that you might be able to. If that weirds you out, keep calm and read on. The feels Here’s the thing: when it comes to being able to feel the IUD, there’s good feels and bad ones. IUD stands for intra-uterine device because the tiny T-shaped device sits inside of the uterus—not in the vagina. Once the IUD is inserted, you shouldn’t be able to feel the T at all. What you should be able…

Mutant mosquitoes 'resist malaria'

Image copyrightSPL US scientists say they have bred a genetically modified (GM) mosquito that can resist malaria infection. If the lab technique works in the field, it could offer a new way of stopping the biting insects from spreading malaria to humans, they say. The scientists put a new "resistance" gene into the mosquito's own DNA, using a gene editing method called Crispr. And when the GM mosquitoes mated - their offspring inherited the same resistance,PNAS journal reports. In theory, if these mosquitoes bite people, they should not be able to pass on the parasite that causes malaria. About 3.2bn people - almost half of the world's population - are at risk of malaria. Bed nets, insecticides and repellents can help stop the insects biting and drugs can be given to anyone who catches the infection, but the disease still kills around 580,000 people a year. 'Pivotal role' Scientists have been searching for new ways to fight malaria. The University of Californ…