CPS threatens to take sick child away from mother for choosing medicinal marijuana over toxic chemotherapy

The medical establishment loathes when free-thinking people stray from its prescribed methods of disease treatment, which is why this imperious beast is aggressively trying to force a Colorado mother, who for more than a year has been successfully treating her leukemic son with healing, non-psychoactive cannabis oil, to instead poison her child with toxic chemotherapy, and possibly kill him in the process.

As reported by CBS Denver, Sierra Riddle's doctor recently threatened to report the informed mother to the state and Child Protective Services (CPS) for refusing to put her child through more rounds of chemotherapy, which she says were making him gravely ill. Rather than continue to subject her son to this institutionalized form of child abuse, Sierra instead made the educated choice to treat the young boy with a non-toxic cannabis extract loaded with healing cannabinoid nutrients.

When young Landon, who was two years old at the time, was first diagnosed with leukemia, Sierra followed her doctor's advise to send her child to the local poison clinic for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. But Sierra realized that this toxic onslaught was destroying Landon's health, causing severe night terrors and other horrible symptoms that would more than likely eventually lead to his miserable death.

Not wanting to subject her child to this outmoded form of torture, Sierra decided to go a different route by opting for natural treatments with non-psychoactive cannabis oil extract. Sierra reportedly moved to Colorado, where marijuana is more widely recognized as a legitimate form of medical treatment and is now legal, for the specific purpose of having access to the natural plant, which an increasing amount of credible research confirms possesses valid medicinal properties.

Conventional medical system tries to bully Sierra out of treating her son naturally with cannabis

But Sierra's unconventional decision angered her conventional doctor, who decided to violate Sierra's parental authority by threatening to report her to state authorities, a move that was obviously intended to scare Sierra into compliance with the medical system's wishes. But Sierra bravely fought back, asserting her right to choose her own child's treatments regardless of how the medical oligarchy feels about her decision.

"I am willing to do whatever I have to do to make sure my child gets to live another day and gets to have that relief and have that quality of life he deserves," Landon's mother, Sierra, is quoted as saying to CBS Denver. "They [the medical establishment] do not see cannabis as a treatment for cancer ... [but] cannabis, just like morphine, is a medication. It's not just a drug, it's a medication, and it's a medication that helps my son to fight his cancer."

Unlike the chemotherapy, medical cannabis oil has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for young Landon, whose health has improved dramatically since starting the alternative protocol more than a year ago. And because of its incredible success, Sierra intends to continue using medical cannabis oil until her son is completely healed of his disease, which he is already well on his way to attaining.

"I made the decision to end chemo in mid May," wrote Sierra recently on a Facebook support page she made for Landon. "The cannabis has been keeping Landon's cancer in remission, he gets regular lab work and all his counts continue to be outstanding. He is responding amazingly to the cannabis, [and] his blood work is immaculate, especially for a cancer patient! How can they not see the proof that is right before their eyes?! Cannabis is fighting his cancer!"

Supporters of Sierra's decision to safely medicate her son with all-natural, non-psychoactive cannabis oil extract have created a Change.org petition in support of Landon. You can sign it here:

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