What keeps you together as a couple?

You've been together for years on end. Have you ever wondered what helped you and your partner run the extra mile in an age when most couples around are falling apart?

Take this test and find out what makes you tick as a couple!

He wants to indulge in a sailing trip to the Andaman's, but you find travelling by sea a tedious affair:
A) You agree only if he includes a couple of more friends, so that the hours pass quickly.
B) You say yes and go with him anyway.
C) You'd rather chill on the beach than take on bear the tedious journey.

You've planned a quiet weekend, but find friends at your doorsteps out of the blue:
A) You make it clear that you want a chilled one by sticking a DND on your door.
B) You whine about not getting a minute to yourself!
C) Great! You like surprises, especially when it means meeting people unexpectedly.

As a child, when your parents had friends for the weekend, you:
A) Would make up new recipes for everyone to try.
B) Would only come out of your bedroom for mealtimes.
C) Would help your mother so she could enjoy the weekend too.

You've taken on a difficult project at work, which will mean weeks of long hours and endless meetings. Your spouse:
A) Complains as he ends up doing a lot more in and around the house.
B) Keeps you going and helps you to stay motivated.
C) Takes on all the housework, while you find yourself deluged with appointments and deadlines.

To you, lasting relationships are based on:
A) Decisions taken together.
B) Having the same friends and tastes.
C) To give space and freedom to your partner to do what they want.

Your partner's mother wants to spend the week with you both, but you find her quite demanding:
A) Of course, you can't think of saying no. Besides, it's just a week!
B) It's up to your partner. If it's a yes, you'll just have to work around it.
C) If she comes, you plan to stay with your sister to leave the mother to catch up with her child in your absence.

You've just seen a film together. You hated it, but your partner can't stop raving about it:
A) You change the subject, as you don't want the evening to end on an unpleasant note.
B) You try to bring your partner to your viewpoint as to why you thought you saw the lousiest piece of work.
C) You are open to varied opinions. For you, different opinions mean stimulating conversations.

There's solidarity in togetherness for you

Harmony and a single vision in life are more important to you then rocking the applecart with disagreements. You respect each other too much to go opposite your partner's needs. The peace that you get in a stable home is reassuring, and gives you the strength to face difficulties in life. However, there's a danger of things getting too monotonous. A routine can kill a relationship, so rustle up some spice and excitement in your relationship to make it the stability last... forever!

Space makes us to tick together
The more freedom you give your partner, the longer your relationship lasts. Retaining one's individuality and independence is of prime importance to lead a fulfilling life together. If your partner chooses to go out without you for an outing, you don't sit at home and sulk about it. Instead, you choose to have your fun by catching up with friends. Life is anything but boring to you as a couple. But again, too much of face may leave disconnected with each other at some point of time. A little stability goes a long way to keep you connected through many seasons.

Variety's spices up your life together
Both love to have a good time, enjoy a good argument and welcome people of varied inclinations in your space, that's why you are even the most popular couple in your circle. Usually, this lot tends to be creative, multifaceted and never get tired of having friends and families around you. But it is very important you find time together just as a couple, the moments spent in only each other's company can boost any relationship. So make that time for us-time only!


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