Warning! Killer winter storm may disrupt Thanksgiving plans for millions of travelers

Bad Weather
Areas in the purple will see temperatures plummet to 10-20 degrees as a winter storm moves east. Photo courtesy dailymail.co.uk.
Bad Weather
Thanksgiving could turn out to be a real turkey for millions of Americans, with travel plans buffeted by bad weather.
A powerful winter storm that has already taken eight lives is moving relentlessly toward the east coast, with the northeast particularly under the gun from bad weather predicted today through Wednesday, ABC News reported.
Snow has begun in some northeast cities, including Cincinnati, Ohio, to Albany, NY, and wind warnings have been issued to from New York City to Boston.
Cold winds are predicted for the New York City Thanksgiving Day parade.
Most airlines are still flying in the northeast, ABC reported, but travel policies have been issued that allows people to change plans without penalty if flights are grounded.
“Wicked weather threatens to upend best-laid Thanksgiving travel plans,” blares the headline on the CNN website. Those taking to the roads in Pennsylvania received a warning.
“All of these interstates, all of these roads across Pennsylvania – the Thruway, the Turnpike, 80, 90, 66 – they all will have ice and snow,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers predicted.
The American Automobile Association said it is estimated that 38.9 million Americans will venture at least 50 miles or more for the holiday.
CBS News reported that most of the East Coast will be hit by bad weather.
Heavy rains and strong winds will be featured up and down the coast, with inland areas receiving six inches or more of snow.
Winter storm warnings have been issued for parts of the eastern half of the United States right through to Wednesday afternoon, CBS said.
Millions are expected to take to the air, with 2.42 million flying Wednesday – if the weather co-operates – and 2.56 million flying Sunday, CBS said, adding that some of the country’s busiest airports – in New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston and Charlotte – experiencing long delays.
Best advice? Check the status of flights beforehand and get updated road conditions before venturing out.
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